Afromontane Tree, Kenya – CO2 730 KG

£4.99 / month

Afromontane – Kenya

CO2 Offset per tree: 730 KG
Average Lifetime:
100-250 years

The project
In Kenya, Afromontane forests cover only 0.5% of the country’s land area. The Afromontane forests occur along the mountainous regions of Africa but generally they only occur in well-watered areas, including ravines and south-facing slopes. The Afromontane forests are intolerant of fire, and the frequent fires of the surrounding fynbos, savanna, and grassland limit the expansion of the forests. Despite their small area, the Afromontane forests of Kenya produce rare tree species, responsible for high CO2 absorption.

By financing one tree in this project, you will plant one of the following Afromontane trees (funds are equally split among species, in order to support biodiversity):

Acacia gerrardii; Avicennia marina; Acacia kirkii; Maesopsis eminii; Bruguiera gymnorhiza; Acacia
xanthophloea; Markhamia lutea; Juniperus procera; Ceriops tagal; Bridelia micrantha; Myrsine
Africana; Rhizophora mucronate; Calodendrum capense; Nuxia congesta; Sonneratia alba; Cordia
Africana; Olea africana; Cordia sinensis; Podocarpus falcatus; Croton machrostachyus; Podocarpus
latifolius; Croton megalocarpus; Prunus Africana; Dodonaea viscosa; Sesbania sesbans; Dombeya
torrida; Trilepisium madagascariense; Euclea divinorum; Vepris simplicifolia; Ficus sur; Warburgia
ugandensis; Ficus sycomorus; Yushania alpine; Ficus thonningii; Zanthoxylum usambarense.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by
Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms. In case of
numerous planting orders, afromontane trees in this project may be substituted by agroforestry or
mangrove trees of the following species:

Avocado; Juniperus Procera; Lemon Loquat; Moringa; Papaya; Croton Megalocarpus; Avicennia
marina; Bruguiera gymnorhiza; Ceriops tagal; Rhizophora mucronata; Sonneratia alba.

These trees are planted in Kenya by our partner Eden Projects.

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