BiG EVAL – Forest – CO2 45.000 KG




45,00 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

BiG EVAL – Forest in Haiti of 300 trees. Offsetting power of approximately CO2 45.000 KG

This reforestation package is intended to be an exclusive offer for the company Big EVAL (

The project entails the planting of 300 trees + extra trees (up to 50%) included by Evertreen at no additional cost for the company to cover the natural mortality rate occurring during plant repositioning. The estimated CO2 offsetting power is 45.000 KG.
The project aims at protecting and restoring forests on a massive scale by involving local farmers and creating livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty by offering them the dignity of employment and the possibility to become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

The plantation includes Agroforestry trees, Forestry trees, Mangroves. The funds will be allocated to the current opening projects in Haiti as requested by the client.

The following tree species are involved:

Rhizophora mucronata
Avicennia marina
Annona muricata
Prosopis juliflora
Artocarpua altilus
Carica papaya
Spanish Cedar
Catalpa longissima
Cedrela odorata
Citrus aurantifolia
Citrus aurantium
Citrus maxima (Burman)
Citrus maxima hybrid
Citrus paradisi
Coffea arabica

The management of the work, the procurement of resources and materials as well as the survival of the trees over time will be carried out by Evertreen’s planting partner Eden Projects.