Catalan Oak in Spain – CO2 100 Kg




0,10 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

Catalan Oak

The Catalan Oak is a species in the family Fagaceae, mainly found in Spain and the Mediterranean region. It has an average life of 80 years. Over its life reaches up to 30 meters height and can offset 100 Kg of Co2.

This specie of oak occupies an intermediate place between Quercus faginea; typical of drier regions to the west; and Quercus humilis, which forms more humid forests in the northeast of our region.
Many botanists consider it a hybrid between the two. Agriculture led it to extinction, today there are only a few sheltered specimens on the banks of the torrents and ravines. The trunks of the trees are prominently bottle shaped with large specimens having a diameter up to 2m (6 feet). Young trees are slow growing and make attractive and unusual pot plants for some years

This tree is planted in Spain by our partner ARBA Sistema Litoral.

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