Urban Planting, City of Greater Sudbury, Canada – CO2 0,6




Greater Sudbury Canada


0,67 Tons

Expected Lifetime

100+ years

The Project

Due to industrial activities such as logging and mining of nickel and copper ore, the land and hilltops in proximity to Greater Sudbury suffered degradation, causing them to become bare of vegetation and heavily contaminated with soil. Unfortunately, this has led to a decline in access to clean water and air, recreational space, biodiversity, and habitat for wildlife. Since 1978, the municipal government has undertaken various measures to restore the Greater Sudbury area. The primary goal of this project is to continue rehabilitating Sudbury’s natural landscape, which will provide valuable habitats for biodiversity and benefits for the city as a whole. The City of Greater Sudbury is carefully selecting and planting trees that represent the local ecosystem and support natural regeneration. The trees being planted include Tamarack, Ironwood, Spruce, Oak, Jack Pine, Red Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Mountain Maple, and more.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.