Croton Megalocarpus – CO2 400 Kg




0,40 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

Croton Megalocarpus

The Croton Megalocarpus belongs to the specie of the Euphorbiaceae. It is known to be a fast-growing tree. The Croton Megalocarpus has an average life of 60 years and can offset 400 Kg CO2 over the course of its life. Being a fast-growing tree, Croton grows up to 36 meters high and reaches maturity after five to seven years.

Croton is commonly found in forests and on rural farms as a boundary tree. It is a drought-resistant tree that can survive in harsh climatic conditions and is not browsed by animals. It is a dominant upper canopy tree with a flat crown. Croton trees have dark grey or pale brown bark and the leaves are long, oval-shaped, with a green upper surface and a pale underside. A prolific seeder, Croton trees fruit twice a year approximately five months after rains in East Africa. Croton nuts develop after the tree flowers, with mature nuts produced in varying amounts throughout the year depending on the region and elevation. Croton nuts contain three dark oblong seeds that are inedible.

This item is planted in Tanzania by our partner Tree Nation.

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