Cypress – CO2 670 Kg




0,67 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years


The Cypress belongs to the Family of the Coniferous.
Cypresses have an average life of 70 years, although some of them can live significantly longer. Over their life can grow up to 80 meters tall, with the majority of the species reaching 30m. Cypresss are able to offset on average as much as 700 Kg CO2 over the course of their lives.

Cypress is a common name for various coniferous trees or shrubs of northern temperate regions that belong to the family Cupressaceae.

About the Partner:

This tree is planted in Mexico by our partner Ambio. The tree is part of the project “Sponsor an agroforestary system, sponsor a tree” carried out by Ambio. It seeks through this sponsorship, that smallholders and their families can be supported for the maintenance of their agroforestry systems and their trees. The program is over twenty years old and recognizes through the payments to smallholders, the carbon sequestration carried out in their plots with agroforestry systems they implement in the first 10 years. These years are the most complicated due to the establishment, management and permanence of trees. After year 10, agroforestry systems and trees mainly require management, but this is no longer covered with payments of the carbon credits. The price includes the costs of labor and materials, as well as the technical follow up for the development of the activities, and the commitment for the following up through a technical report. It should be clarified that the trees planted by Ambio, wood or land are able to be acquired, since they are property of the smallholder participating. The sponsorship only supports an agroforestry system, or a tree from the system, until they reach a worthy conclusion of a life cycle.