Deciduous Tree, New Brunswick, Canada – CO2 950 Kg

£9.99 / month

Deciduous Tree, New Brunswick, Canada- CO2 950 Kg

CO2 Offset per tree: 950 KG
Average Lifetime: 
180 years

The Project

The forestry industry is the largest sector in New Brunswick, contributing more than $1.45 billion to the local economy every year. Despite providing stable employment and economic prosperity to the region, extensive logging has led to the degradation and fragmentation of the forests. As a result, the ability of the forests to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services has been severely impacted. The older trees, which were once effective at absorbing carbon, have been lost or are at risk of becoming threatened.

To combat this issue, we are seeking your support to regenerate a former commercial logging site in New Brunswick, Canada. Our plan is to plant over sixteen distinct native species, such as Red Spruce, Oak, Birch, Sugar Maple, and Butter Nut, in order to reverse the land degradation in the area. Our goal is to revitalize the habitat, increase biodiversity, and restore the forests to their former state as effective carbon sinks.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.

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