Forestry Tree, Oregon, USA – CO2 0,7 Tons

£9.99 / month



Oregon USA


0,70 Tons

Expected Lifetime

180+ years

The Project

Due to a century of fire suppression in the United States, many forests are now dangerously overgrown, and this coupled with the impacts of climate change creates favorable conditions for megafires. Megafires are fires that exceed 40,500 hectares (100,000 acres) in size. In 2020, Labor Day windstorms resulted in the simultaneous outbreak of five megafires in Oregon, as well as 12 other smaller fires. This led to the destruction of a significant portion of Oregon’s timber harvest and future timber supply, displacement of local communities, and the loss of critical habitats for wildlife.

Through this project, we will be planting a diverse range of species, including seeds adapted to withstand the changing climate. The trees will be carefully selected to represent the local ecosystem and support natural regeneration, including Douglas-fir, Noble-fir, and Western Red Cedar. Our primary goal is to restore wildlife habitats for species such as Deer, Elk, Cougar, Bear, Trout, and Spotted Owl.

We seek your support to make this project successful and address the long-term effects of megafires in Oregon.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.