5 Trees/Month – CO2 9,600 Kg/year

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Plant 5 trees/month, offset 9,600 Kg of CO2/year.

    The project involves the planting 5 fruit trees per month. Trees will be Lemons, Oranges and Pink Pepper trees. The planting location is Madagascar, particularly in the Ambositra area. The plantation, the provision of material resources and labour force, the care and growth of the plants, will be carried out by Tsiry Parma – Voluntary association for the protection of forests in Madagascar.

    Trees descriptions:

    • 1 Lemon Tree

    The lemon tree is an evergreen plant with a potential life of 100 years, during which it can reach up to 8 meters height. This tree can offset ca. 100 Kg of CO2.
    It is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, native to South Asia, primarily North eastern India. The origin of the lemon is unknown, though lemons are thought to have first grown in Assam (a region in northeast India), northern Burma or China. A genomic study of the lemon indicated it was a hybrid between bitter orange (sour orange) and citron.
    Lemon tree helps brightening up the surroundings and brings good aroma with its fruits. The tree’s ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world and is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, powerful antioxidants and valid allies of the immune defences with other numerous benefits.

    • 2 Orange Tree

    The orange tree is an evergreen plant with a potential life of 100 years, during which it can reach up to 5 to 8 meters height and offset over 200 Kg of CO2.
    Those trees grow in subtropical or tropical regions and hold onto their leaves all winter long.
    Native to China and India, the orange tree, also known as sweet orange or navel orange, travelled with explorers from Asia to the Mediterranean and Europe, then across the ocean to the Americas. People had well understood the unique health benefits of oranges from the ancient years. Hippocrates and Ancient Egyptians had talked about health benefits and during the 16th and 17th centuries and sailors used to associate their overall health and wellbeing with the consumption of oranges and lemons.

    • 2 Pink Pepper

    Pink Pepper tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree, which has a potential life of 150 years and can reach 10-15m in height, with the ability to offset 150kg of CO2. Typical of tropical and subtropical environments, it grows well on both arid and humid soils. The fruits of pink pepper have a bright pink colour and have up to 10% essential oils, particularly known for their antibacterial virtues. Those fruits have been used since ancient times in Madagascar for the medicinal properties in case of bronchitis and as anti-inflammatory. Pink pepper is actually a false pepper, it belongs to a completely different botanical genus from common pepper.


    34 reviews for 5 Trees/Month – CO2 9,600 Kg/year

    1. Rustam

      I encourage everyone to save the Environment

    2. Navin H. (verified owner)

    3. Navin H. (verified owner)

    4. Chris Spanjaard (verified owner)

      A great initiative to make a tangible difference against the deforestation and climate change in the world.

    5. Marvin Welker

      This is so great!

    6. Vincent Harig

      sehr empfohlen

    7. Margareta Bussler


    8. Edda Hellmann

      Hopefully an effective action against global warming

    9. Luise Oesau

      fun !

    10. Ulrike Tischendorf

      Plant trees for the planet!

    11. Fabienne Bornemann

      great idea to take a concrete action

    12. Florentine Honig

      incredibly fun! i gifted it to my friend for her birthday and she loved it

    13. Joachim Strecker

      i wish i knew this when i was young. I would have planted much more trees!!

    14. Laurin Fleischman

      the best action normal people can take to support the nature

    15. Hugo Frazer

      a great initiative

    16. Kaden Morrison

      useful and fun

    17. Ian Clarke

      so cool!

    18. Emerson Arbour

      I have subscribed to this service and i am really happy

    19. Chloe Mitchell

      After my father all my family subscribed to this monthly planting plan and we became Co2 netural!

    20. Madeline Fenetry


    21. Alejandro Rabellini

      molto divertente! un giorno andró a visitare il mio albero!!

    22. Mira Baker

      minimální úsilí a maximální výsledek

    23. Cora Ostell

      minimaalne pingutus ja maksimaalne tulemus

    24. Harris Samaras

      ελάχιστη προσπάθεια και μέγιστο αποτέλεσμα

    25. Madeline

      minimal ansträngning och maximalt resultat

    26. Chloe Mitchell

      5 stars

    27. Austin Young

    28. Aiden Olson


    29. Sam Woodward

    30. Mary Peterson

    31. Josephine Oliver

    32. Charlotte Ewart

    33. Chris (verified owner)

      Great way to make a tangible contribution with to the environment and ecosystem.

    34. Navin H. (verified owner)

      It was really easy to put a monthly plan together and be able to chose what is suitable for your and with that make my personal carbon footprint smaller.

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