Fruit Tree, Ethiopia – CO2 0,5 Tons

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0.5 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

The ProjectThrough collaboration with the local community, our objective is to afforest 10,000 hectares of land, aiming to restore degraded landscapes, enhance water resources, mitigate the impact of landslides, and uplift impoverished communities. The degradation of Ethiopia’s forest habitats has been significantly influenced by uneven development, destructive farming methods like slash-and-burn agriculture, charcoal production, and excessive exploitation of forest resources. Moreover, the rural populations in these areas heavily rely on the land for their daily necessities, including food, water, and shelter. As the forests diminish, these communities face increasing challenges in sustaining themselves from the land’s natural assets.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.