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Holm Oak – CO2 160 Kg


Holm Oak

The Holm Oak, also known as Holly Oak is an evergreen with an average life of 70  years. Over its life it can reach up to 25 meters height and can  offset 160 Kg of CO2.

The Holm Oak is commonly found in forests and on rural farms of  the areas surrounding the Mediterranean.
This hardy tree has a beautiful rounded canopy and low hanging branches, with its shape and size giving a lovely architectural presence.
The trunks of the trees are prominently bottle shaped with large specimens having a diameter up to 2.5m (7.5 feet).
Its ability to tolerate shade and air pollution makes it a very  popular tree for public parks, city and suburban streets as well as gardens.

This tree is planted in Spain by our partner ARBA Sistema Litoral.

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  1. Matei Ellis

    Cmon people. Help offsetting our co2 impact

  2. Aniya Olson

    Trees are incredible. If we can also support local people by planting, it’s great!!

  3. Tayyib Garza

    Lets plant!! it takes one click!

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