Longleaf Pine, Florida, USA – CO2 0,6 Tons

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Florida USA


0.6 Tons

Expected Lifetime

180+ years

The Project

Once reigning over the scenic southern coastal plain of North America, the longleaf pine forests emerge as extraordinary ecosystems, particularly in Florida. Renowned for their biodiversity, these forests play host to a myriad of wildlife, including endangered species like the Florida panther, gopher tortoise, bald eagle, Florida scrubby, and sand skink. Unfortunately, due to shifts in land use, overexploitation, and the suppression of fires, these once-vast forests have dwindled dramatically from approximately 90 million acres to less than 3 million acres today. The existing fragments often exist in isolation, resulting in a decline in both species diversity and overall forest health.

In response to this environmental challenge, we initiate a restoration project for the native longleaf pine ecosystem in the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest in Florida. Our planting partner will introduce resilient species, including the longleaf pine and South Florida slash pine, known for their hardiness and longevity. These trees are adept at withstanding fire and drought, bolstering the forests’ resilience against the impacts of climate change. The primary objective of this initiative is to breathe new life into this diverse ecosystem, offering vital support for rare and endangered native plants and animals in the wilds of Florida.

With a maturity rate of 0.06 tonnes of CO2 per pine tree and an annual emission of 4.6 tonnes for the average car in North America.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.