Pink Pepper, Madagascar – CO2 150 Kg




0,15 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper tree is a medium-sized evergreen tree, typical of tropical and subtropical environments. It grows well on both arid and humid soils.

Life span: 150 years
CO2 offset: 150 kg
Height: 10-15 m

The pepper­corn-sized fruits have a bright pink colour and consist of up to 10% essential oils, particularly known for their antibacterial properties. Pink peppercorns have been used in Madagascar since ancient times as an anti-inflammatory agent, supporting the treatment of bronchitis.

Interestingly, Pink Pepper is unrelated to true pepper (Piper), as it belongs to a different botanical genus.

This tree is planted in Madagascar by our partner TsiryParma.

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