Multiple Locations


0,45 Tons

Expected Lifetime

30+ years

Personal Carbon Offsets – 1,000 lbs. of Co2

The average American citizen contributes to approximately 3,000 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions every month. These emissions, largely stemming from activities such as driving, heating homes, and consuming electricity, contribute to a growing global climate crisis.

You can take a proactive step towards mitigating your environmental impact by purchasing a personal carbon offset. These offsets work by supporting reforestation projects, managed by Evertreen and its planting partners, that reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere in the world, effectively compensating for your emissions and promoting a cleaner, greener future.

These reforestation projects also aim at protecting and restoring forests on a massive scale by involving local farmers and improving the quality of life of people currently living in extreme poverty by offering them the dignity of employment.

Frequently purchased 

The management of the work, the procurement of resources and materials as well as the survival of the trees over time will be carried out by Evertreen’s planting partners.