Seaforestation, Canada – CO2 0,9 Tons




British Columbia Canada


0,95 Tons

Expected Lifetime

100+ years

The Project

Kelp forests are diverse underwater habitats comprised of a variety of kelp species that form canopies over the seafloor, creating a three-dimensional ecosystem. These unique underwater forests thrive in cool, nutrient-rich waters and are found along rocky coastlines in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans. Kelp forests serve as a sanctuary for thousands of marine species, providing shelter and sustenance, much like forests on land. Not only do kelp forests support biodiversity, coastal fisheries, and livelihoods, they also have the potential to significantly reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

In British Columbia, kelp forests are vital to the survival of commercially and culturally important species like herring, salmon, and rockfish, as well as the endangered northern abalone, and are integral to the traditions and well-being of Indigenous coastal communities. In Chile, kelp forests dominate the coastline and are especially important to coastal communities, where seaweed collection has been a cultural practice for centuries.

Unfortunately, over the past five decades, more than 40 percent of kelp forests around the world have been lost due to climate change, overexploitation, and pollution. As a result, this project aims to restore kelp forests along the Pacific coasts of British Columbia, Canada and Chile, in partnership with Ocean Wise.

Through the use of innovative techniques, including seeding giant kelp, bull kelp, and sugar kelp, this project will deliver at least 250,000 m2 (25 ha) of seaforested kelp in BC and at least 3000 ha in Chile by 2027. Your support is critical in achieving this goal, which will not only help to restore these precious ecosystems, but also contribute to the health and well-being of coastal communities and the planet as a whole.

Please note that average lifetime and KG of CO2 offset are conservative estimations made by Evertreen based on external consultants, papers, articles and comparable platforms.