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Sessile Oak – CO2 890 Kg


Sessile Oak

The Sessile Oak tree is native of Euro-Siberian forests and is considered to be one of the primitive ancestors of other white oaks in Western Europe, which later adapted to the colder climate.

Life span: 130 years
CO2 offset: 890 kg
Height: up to 40 m

The leaves are 7–14 cm (2.8–5.5 in) long and 4–8 cm (1.6–3.1 in) broad, evenly lobed with five to six lobes on each side and a 1-centimetre-long (0.39 in) petiole. The male flowers produced in the spring are commonly called catkins.

The oak forests are very rare in the Catalan coastal system and can be found only in areas such as Prades, Montseny, Montnegre, Serra de l’Obac. Unfortunately, this species is at risk of extinction.

This tree is planted in Spain by our partner ARBA Sistema Litoral.

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  1. Friedrich (verified owner)

  2. Marley Mcghee

    Incredible tree and amount of co2 offset. Let’s plant many of this together

  3. Daria Salter

    Admirable company and mission! Keep planting!

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