Setyl Forest – 50 trees

£50.00 / year



12,85 Tons

Expected Lifetime

90+ years

Setyl Forest – 50 trees

The project entails the planting of 50 trees. The estimated Co2 offsetting power is conservatively 150 – 380 KGs/tree.

Please note that while indicating 500 trees/year, the monthly or quarterly number of trees being planted will be agreed between Evertreen and the company bilaterally on a rolling basis. The company is entitled to cancel the partnership at any time without incurring any penalty or cost.

The project aims at protecting and restoring forests on a massive scale by involving local farmers and creating livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty by offering them the dignity of employment and the possibility to become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

The plantation includes Mangroves.

The management of the work, the procurement of resources and materials as well as the survival of the trees over time will be carried out by Evertreen’s planting partner ForTrees Club.