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Create your forest

The project entails the planting of 1 tree for €3,5. The estimated Co2 offsetting power is conservatively 150 to 380 KGs/tree.

The Sea Meadows project, developed by Evertreen and its partners, is a transformative initiative focused on the restoration and regeneration of marine ecosystems. This project utilizes advanced biodegradable materials, known as Sea Life Ecostructures (SLE), which integrate cement with biological components to promote marine biodiversity and ecological protection. The primary objectives of Sea Meadows are to enhance marine conservation, boost bio-abundance, and positively impact local economies through sustainable practices.

The project introduces several innovative applications such as artificial biotopes, protective barriers, structures for breeding and growth of marine life, and underwater cable containers. These applications are designed to address multiple environmental challenges including improving water quality, promoting biodiversity, protecting against coastal erosion, and supporting sustainable tourism. By increasing the attractiveness of coastal areas, the project also aims to enhance coastal property values and create job opportunities in marine research, tourism, conservation, and education.

Significantly, Sea Meadows also focuses on research and development, exploring new technologies and solutions that further marine conservation efforts. The project emphasizes the importance of cross-sector collaboration, involving public-private partnerships that leverage combined expertise to achieve more impactful outcomes.

Evertreen plans to install prototypes, monitor results, and analyze scalability through a detailed roadmap stretching from Q3 2023 to Q2 2024. The project’s economic model anticipates revenue from the sale of SLE structures primarily to B2B providers, with additional marketing of materials through distributors.

In conclusion, Sea Meadows represents a holistic strategy that not only aims to mitigate the adverse effects of human activities on marine ecosystems but also seeks to actively regenerate and enrich these environments, fostering a sustainable coexistence between human progress and nature conservation.