ECFX is proud to announce its partnership with Evertreen, a company dedicated to social responsibility and conservation of the environment. Through this partnership, ECFX hopes to increase its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. We will plant one tree per attendee for every ECFX Academy session in 2023, and 3 for each webinar attendee that books a demo. This collaboration will enable us to make a meaningful contribution to the environment and further our Social Responsibility Initiative - let's grow the ECFX forest together! ECFX Notice downloads the documents in electronic court filing (ECF) notices, profiles the documents according to firm naming conventions, stores the documents in the appropriate matter or client workspace in any DMS or file system, and distributes the documents directly to the case team. ECFX Notice greatly reduces the amount of time required to process court notices, increases control over firm naming and storage policies, reduces the risk of missed notices or delayed processing, and provides firmwide visibility into ECF metrics—allowing your firm’s staff to focus on the work your clients value.

Forest unique code: 505. Insert this code at checkout and gift trees to this forest!


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