Evertreen | Xraised: Trees for Companies and Reforestation

Written by: Evertreen

December 10, 2023


In the dynamic landscape where corporate responsibility meets environmental consciousness, Evertreen and Xraised shine as pioneers in reforestation and sustainable practices. As the premier platform for online tree planting, collaborates with, an influential community, to champion a distinctive approach, enhancing both planetary well-being and corporate social responsibility

Planting Trees for Companies in the Digital Age: Evertreen’s Innovation takes tree planting to the next level by enabling users, including businesses, to plant real trees online and monitor them through state-of-the-art satellite tracking. This digital innovation allows for continuous updates on crucial aspects such as growth status, potential diseases, photosynthetic activity, and even the presence of dry and infertile soil. The ability to access real-time data transforms the act of tree planting into a dynamic and informed endeavor.

The Evertreen Experience: Beyond Planting, Creating Corporate Forests

For businesses looking to make a lasting impact on the environment, Evertreen offers the unique opportunity to plant and nurture their corporate forest. This goes beyond a mere symbolic gesture, providing companies with a tangible and measurable contribution to sustainability. The partnership with local farmers ensures that each tree planted brings about environmental, social, and economic benefits, aligning with the principles of responsible business practices.

Xraised and Evertreen: A Powerful Partnership, a dynamic community of industry innovators, recognized the importance of Evertreen’s approach and forged a strategic partnership. Journalists from Xraised had the privilege of interviewing Evertreen’s co-founders, Luca Giordaniello and Dan Ciufo, shedding light on the vision and passion behind this groundbreaking initiative. As a testament to their commitment, Xraised is not only endorsing Evertreen but also actively sharing the significance of supporting reforestation efforts for companies. Through this collaboration, Xraised is amplifying the message of environmental stewardship and the pivotal role that digital innovations, like satellite monitoring, play in fostering sustainable practices.

Visibility through Collaboration: Xraised’s Offer to Evertreen

In an exciting development, Xraised is extending an opportunity for Evertreen to share its unique story and approach with a global audience. By offering to publish articles on over 100 journals, including prestigious platforms like Yahoo Finance, Xraised aims to provide Evertreen with unparalleled visibility. This collaboration underscores the collective commitment of both organizations to championing the cause of reforestation and promoting eco-friendly initiatives.

Conclusion: Uniting Forces for a Greener Future and Reforestation

As Evertreen and Xraised join forces, they exemplify the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Together, they advocate for the importance of trees for companies, the critical need for reforestation, and the transformative impact of digital innovations in the realm of environmental sustainability. By choosing Evertreen, businesses not only contribute to a greener planet but also become part of a movement that values the delicate balance between technological innovation and ecological well-being. The insights shared by Evertreen’s co-founders, Luca Giordaniello and Dan Ciufo, add a personal touch to the narrative, highlighting the passion and dedication driving this eco-conscious initiative.