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Yes, to plant your first tree you must be registered with Evertreen.
To subscribe to Evertreen click the “person” button in the navigation bar and select the “register” option. Complete the registration by entering your details in the appropriate form and click again on the “register” button.
To access your profile, first type in the credentials you chose when you registered. Then click on your name, or if you’re using a mobile device, click on the profile icon.
No, by default your profile is not visible to other users. However, if you are a company you can request a public profile.
Yes, at any time you can change all profile information (e-mail, Name, Surname, etc), directly from the “Profile Settings” section.
You can pay online with credit card or paypal. You only pay once for each tree and you won’t have to pay anything else in the future.

Details on the monitoring procedures adopted are available on our website at https://evertreen.com/monitoring-protocol/.

No, payment takes place only once at the time of purchase.
Yes, immediately after purchase you will receive a certificate of planted tree via email and purchase receipt.
Of course, we encourage to do so! Trees are the best gift to encourage a long-lasting friendship or relationship! If you with to receive a certificate of planted tree with the name of your friends, colleague, company or clients, just drop us an email after purchase at: partnerships@evertreen.com. You will receive your customized certificate within 2 working days!
Evertreen’s philosophy is for trees to be planted by those who need it most and where they are most useful from an environmental point of view: in fact Evertreen distinguishes itself for financing local farmers around the world. Farmers are the ones who receive the economical benefits of trees, have the opportunity to reap the fruits and benefit from all the advantages that the trees offer locally.
Proposed projects must have both environmental and social benefits and must be managed by a party with proven experience in projects and with a deep knowledge of the area of ​​intervention. If your project meets these requirements, please send an e-mail to partnerships@evertreen.com.
With Evertreen you can create your own company forest, engage people with trees and videos, do green branding and green marketing, estimate and compensate for your company’s CO2 emissions and much more. Discover all about this on by contacting us at partnerships@evertreen.com
As always on Evertreen, all you need is one click to plant new trees whenever you want. Thanks to subscriptions plans, with just one click can monthly plant the tree or the trees needed to offset your emissions!
The number of trees that you will receive monthly is variable depending on the plan you choose (and which you can change or cancel at any time).
You can cancel your subscription at any time from your profile settings.
You can change your subscription at any time from your profile settings.