With HQ in London, UK, Evertreen offers people an innovative tool for planting real trees while sitting at home: Trees-as-a-Service. As a sustainable business, Evertreen provides companies and individuals with the opportunity to plant trees and fight global warming. Evertreen is collaborating with well-established non-profit organizations which are physically planting the trees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does a partnership with Evertreen look like?
2. What is Evertreen’s role?
3. In which countries can I plant?
4. How does tree planting work?

5. In case me or my company become a Partner of Evertreen, will we be obliged to plant a minimum number of trees and, consequently, transfer funds within a fixed time frame?
6. How do I make sure the trees I financed will really be planted and that they will not be sold for wood after a few years?

1. How does a partnership with Evertreen look like?

As an Evertreen Partner you will be able to benefit from tree(-)planting as a service. This will open multiple innovative doors for your business.
Incorporate trees into your sales system. Combine trees with your products (as in “we will …) In this way, you will be able advertise your products as CO2-free!
Plant trees to be certified as a CO2 free company: By planting trees you will be able to offset your CO2 emissions deriving from business trips, logistic operations, product shipments or events. Evertreen has its own algorithm to estimate your carbon footprint and will certify the amount of CO2 compensated with every tree you planted.
Gift a tree to your employees, colleagues and family as Christmas or Birthday presents: trees can be an original gift for your employees, colleagues and family! Contact us directly to receive customized certifications of planted trees including your company logo and your colleague’s name!

2. What is Evertreen’s service?

Many people and numerous companies want to support non-profit organizations which are actively involved in environmental protection. However, they often fear investing their funds in projects which cannot be monitored. For example, a company donate money to support a reforestation project. How can we know if in two years’ time the planted trees will still be alive? How can we know if they were not sold to a big concern and changed into furniture? Who will inform the investor if a storm comes and destroys the plantation? Non-profit organizations simply do not have manpower to regularly update each of their sponsors. Evertreen collaborates only with well-established and reliable partners and monitors their projects and plantations on a monthly basis. Evertreen supervises the projects on behalf of the sponsors and tracks the status of every tree up to 10 years after planting. Planting through Evertreen enables you to follow your trees’ status. In case trees will die due to human error, Evertreen guarantees to plant them again.

3. In which countries can we plant?

As projects are constantly evolving, Evertreen makes sure to regularly update the list in the “Plant Trees” section. At the moment, Evertreen’s partners are planting in the following countries: – Tanzania; – Madagascar; – Kenya; – Burkina Faso; – Nicaragua; – Peru; – Guatemala; – Mexico; – India; -France; – Spain; – US; – Australia.

4. How does trees-planting work?

There are two ways of planting trees with Evertreen:
Create a profile on Evertreen’s platform and plant trees manually. All planted trees and related certifications will remain visible on your account.

Let Evertreen plant on your behalf. Evertreen will merge your funds with the funds of other partners and will plant where it is most needed, in big quantities. Therefore, it will be possible to benefit from a reduced price per tree.

5. In case me or my company become Partner of Evertreen, will we be obliged to plant a minumum number of trees/transfer funds when we don’t want to?

No! A partnership with Evertreen does not obligate the partner to plant a minimum number of trees. Partners plant only when they want to and the number of trees they want to plant (and in the desired quantity)! Being Evertreen’s partner means having an additional tool, not an additional obligation.

6. How do I know my trees will really be planted and that they will not be sold for wood after few years?

Making sure the trees will be planted and well taken care of is our job!
We only partner with well-established NGOs and organizations which are physically planting the trees. You will find the name of the organization in charge of each project in the tree description. Evertreen checks the status of the projects on a monthly basis as well as receives evidence and updates on the trees. Evertreen makes sure the trees are well taken care of and not sold for wood or for other commercial purposes.