Gift a Tree

A green gift for a sustainable world

Every tree planted on Evertreen aims to protect and restore forests by involving local farmers, creating livelihoods for people living in poverty, offering them the dignity of employment, and empowering them to become transformational agents of global forest restoration. The recipient of your gift will receive a personalized gift certificate with your message and be able to see the location of your forest on the map.

Let's green the world together!

Gift trees in 4 steps

How it works

Gifting trees can be a great corporate benefit and gift for friends as it promotes environmental sustainability and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility.

Select your trees

All our reforestation projects exclusively plant trees that contribute to supporting the local ecosystem and biodiversity.

  • Select a country
  • Choose the number of trees
  • Decide the frequency of your contribution
  • Each tree has both environmental and social impacts

Create your gift certificates

Customizing a gift certificate for a planted tree can be a cool and unique way to personalize the gift, adding a special touch that reflects the recipient's individuality and promotes the joy of environmental stewardship.

  • Provide the name of the sender to be included along with the certificate
  • Add any personalized message
  • Insert the name of the recipient
  • Choose the email address to deliver the gift

Farmers plant your tree

Planting trees online with Evertreen will benefit the employment of farmers by creating new job opportunities, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and expanding their market access, thereby enhancing rural livelihoods.

  • You finance trees via the platform
  • We forward your planting order to farmers
  • Trees are assigned to the next planting round
  • Farmers plant your trees in the soil!

Your gift is sent via email!

Receiving a tree as an online gift via a gift certificate is an exhilarating and eco-friendly experience.

  • Symbolic meaning: Represents growth, life, and
    environmental consciousness.
  • Long-term impact: Improves environment, provides
    shade, and creates a lasting legacy.
  • Personal connection: Fosters responsibility and active
    participation in conservation.
  • Educational opportunity: Inspires learning about
    ecosystems and sustainability.