SolBox GreenMove was specifically designed to empower logistics operators to do more with less, while taking care of the environment. Through sophisticated route and load optimisation technology, SolBox’s intuitive software algorithms and driver apps allow businesses to efficiently deliver products and services at scale. With a key focus to reduce fleet usage, driving millage and overall resource output, while still transforming the customer delivery experience. Through this GreenMove initiative SolBox pledges to plant one tree for every vehicle that joins, with the goal to assist it’s clients in offsetting the carbon footprint that exists throughout their business’s logistics. Companies can easily be a part of this movement by utilising the SolBox technology. GreenMove will provide a branded tree planting certificate for each company that joins, to share with their own network and build awareness. We look forward to building a greener future, together we can.

Forest unique code: 778. Insert this code at checkout and gift trees to this forest!


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