Monitoring Protocol

Evertreen assure a real monitoring protocol for your reforestation project.

The below summarizes the key steps used by our tree-planting partner Edenprojects to monitor and verify tree planting, survivorship, and growth over time as well as the socioeconomic impact of its reforestation projects.


Mapping and Field Verification of the Site Boundary

The field teams will map a precise boundary of the planting site using handheld GPS units.The field teams will document pre-intervention site conditions.

monitoring protocol reforestation project

Photo Monitoring

The field teams will take geotagged photos at the planting sites embedded with the site coordinates. Permanent photo monitoring points will be established to provide a time series of site conditions. Pre-intervention: to document site conditions prior to any planting activity or intervention by field teams. Planting: during planting to document the planting activity. Post-intervention: at 6-month increments starting immediately after planting and to continue for at least three years following project completion to document plant establishment and growth.

monitoring protocol reforestation project

Drone Mapping *

Drones will be used when available to produce high resolution aerial imagery of our reforestation sites to
monitor forest growth and establishment. When possible, we will use orthomosaic site maps to better understand pre-intervention conditions and
carefully plan our reforestation efforts, monitor tree growth, and establishment, and better manage the planting efforts to ensure a proper and complete monitoring protocol of your reforestation project and its success.

Drone monitoring of monitoring protocol reforestation project

*Drone mapping / use is not available in all of the countries we operate in. 


Forest Inventory

Field teams will record the number of trees planted. Field teams will conduct semi-random forest inventory circle plots to measure tree survivorship data.

monitoring protocol reforestation project

Socioeconomic Livelihood Surveys

 Regular socioeconomic surveys will be administered by field staff to measure the socioeconomic impact of
reforestation projects on local livelihoods. The same survey will be administered at regular intervals following project completion to measure the impact of
the project on the livelihoods of local communities.

monitoring protocol reforestation project socioeconomics