Central America Reforestation project

Central America has a wide range of ecosystems varying from tropical forests, mountains, grasslands, mangroves, and wetlands. These forests are home to thousands of indigenous people and endemic species. Despite having over nine hundred protected areas, deforestation still threatens the lives of those in Central America. For example, the harvesting and production of palm oil have led to rapid deforestation in Honduras while poaching, logging, and mining threaten Nicaragua’s forests.

The Central America Reforestation project aims at restoring large green areas.

In 2020, Eden began working with indigenous communities in Central America, launching reforestation projects in Honduras and Nicaragua. Our Honduras project launched in partnership with La Tigra National Park to produce, plant, and protect forests destroyed by uncontrolled logging. By reforesting this degraded site with native tree species, locals will preserve the site’s important watershed and unique biodiversity.


In Nicaragua, Eden is planting in the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, one of the world’s largest rainforests and one of Central America’s last remaining blocks of undisturbed ecosystems. This region has extremely high biodiversity and is home to indigenous groups who want to preserve their culture and natural resources. However, despite their efforts to protect their land, these communities are constantly threatened by the influx of illegal loggers. 

By partnering with community leaders, Eden creates sustainable economic opportunities for indigenous people to restore and protect large forest areas. Join Evertreen today!