Saving the Blue Carbon: How Your Business Can Reforest Mangrove

Written by: Evertreen

January 28, 2023


Saving the Blue Carbon: The Importance of Mangrove Reforestation Projects

Mangrove forests are unique ecosystems found in tropical coastal areas. They thrive in salty, brackish water and are often found in the intertidal zone. Mangroves play a crucial role in:

  • Protecting coastlines from erosion and storm surges
  • Providing habitat for a diverse array of plant and animal species
  • Storaging large amounts of carbon in their soils while helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Thanks to their anatomy, mangrove forests can store up to five times more carbon than tropical rainforests: this is the reason why they are recognized as “blue carbon” ecosystems. 

Mangrove underwater roots


However, these vital ecosystems are under threat from human activities such as logging, urbanization, and shrimp farming. Indonesia has lost a significant percentage of its mangrove forests, which is why reforestation projects like the Mnurwar Mangrove Reforestation Project are so important. 


Battling the Loss: The Challenges of Protecting Mangrove Forests

Mangrove forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. 

According to the United Nations, they are disappearing three to five times faster than tropical rainforests: Indonesia keep losing 2.5 million hectares per year.

The loss of these forests not only harms the biodiversity of these regions but also puts coastal communities at risk from natural disasters: this because mangroves protect nearby areas from tsunamis and extreme weather events.


Restoring the Balance: The Mnurwar Mangrove Reforestation Project

The Mnurwar Mangrove Planting site is located on Biak Island in northeastern Indonesia and aims to restore 149 hectares of degraded mangrove forest.

This region is home to unique and diverse wildlife, as well as being crucial for local communities’ livelihoods and coastal protection. 

These mangrove forests act as a barrier against natural disasters such as storms and coastal erosion. 

Unfortunately, these forests have been slow to recover from the devastating tsunami of 1996, which killed over 160 people and destroyed homes and infrastructure. 

The project has been successful in providing employment opportunities and promoting ecological restoration.

A challenging task but you can make an impact together with Evertreen.


Join the Movement: Partner with Evertreen to Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia

At Evertreen, we believe that protecting and restoring mangrove forests is vital. You can better understand their relevant role in carbon store here.

We are proud to be a part of the Mnurwar Mangrove Reforestation Project and invite other companies to join us in this important endeavor. 

Let’s take action now and make a difference.

Contact Evertreen today to learn more about how you can get involved in this project.

Benefits of partnering with us

All partner companies have their own profile on Evertreen and receive a custom iframe tag to display their forest on website, tracking:

    • Number of trees planted
    • Co2 Tons absorbed
    • Working hours created
    • Location of trees 

Company corporate social responsibility account for planting trees

Satellite Monitoring System

As company you will receive real time data about your trees forest growth with an integrated satellite system in order to check the status of your plantation.

Monitoring your trees growth via satellite


Marketing Videos and Materials from your Farmers

Get a thank-you video from farmers and dedicated marketing graphics and materials that you can use let everyone knows about your company dedication towards corporate social responsibility.

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