The Power of Trees: Why Planting is a Powerful CSR Strategy

As you read this, vast swaths of forest are being clear-cut, burned, and bulldozed to make way for agriculture, urbanization and corporate activities.

Even if according to data from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the rate of deforestation has been decreasing in recent years, it is still significant and its negative effect on the environment remain unaltered.


Corporate Social Responsibility as solution


Companies are the main drivers of these effects as they become responsible for the environment either directly or indirectly. Since they are aware of it, companies are considering their impact on the environment and communities in which they operate more than ever.

This concept is known as corporate social responsibility (CSR), and it involves taking actions that benefit society and the environment.

One way that companies can demonstrate their commitment to CSR is by participating in tree planting initiatives. As a company, planting trees has numerous benefits that can impact both the environment and the company itself.

Planting trees as a company can enhance its reputation and brand image, potentially increasing its value and competitiveness in the market. Why?

Customers are rating CSR programs


That’s because nowadays customers are becoming more aware than ever about corporate social responsibility and about whether or not companies truly contribute to make the world a greener place. This means that incorporating tree planting into a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is a great way to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

CSR programs are increasingly important to consumers, who are becoming more aware of the environmental and social impacts of their purchasing decisions. By participating in tree planting initiatives, companies can improve their reputation and attract customers who value these principles.


How to incorporate tree planting for your business


There are many ways for companies to incorporate tree planting into their CSR programs.

  • Partner with organizations or non-profits that focus on tree planting and conservation.
  • Organize tree planting events for employees, encouraging them to get involved and take ownership of the initiative.
  • Donations or by purchasing carbon offsets.

While the last two opportunities result often in one-shot activities, find a planting partner for companies is usually the best option for your corporate social responsibility program.

More and more enterprises are partnering with Evertreen to make a positive impact on the environment.

For instance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has decided to scale up their corporate social responsibility program planting trees with us while Hotspex company have already planted 35,002 trees in 8 countries as part of their CSR program.

As enterprise you can easily chose a monthly plantation plan with Evertreen but there are even more faincful ways to include tree planting in your CSR program. Dunbridge has agreed to plant one tree for every transaction they conduct for clients while HealthVape decided to change the world one tree at a time planting for every order placed in their website.


Why choose Evertreen as planting partner for CSR programs


Either way, partnering with Evertreen for your corporate social responsibility program will provide your company:


Satellite Monitoring System

As company you will receive real time data about your trees forest growth with an integrated satellite system in order to check the status of your plantation.


Company Account

All partner companies have their own profile on Evertreen to easily track: 

  • Number of trees planted
  • Co2 Tons absorbed
  • Working hours created
  • Location of trees 

Also, you receive your custom iframe tag and display your forest on your website at no additional developing or operational costs. In this way you can show directly on your website your corporate social commitment to stakeholder and clients.

Company corporate social responsibility account for planting trees


Marketing Videos and Materials from your Farmers

Get a thank-you video from farmers and dedicated marketing graphics and materials that you can use let everyone knows about your company dedication towards corporate social responsibility.


Are you a business and want to partner to Evertreen?

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