Online tree planting explained

Choose the species you like

Browse our plant trees section and finance your favourite species among tens of available trees. All projects are carried out in areas of the planet suffering from desertification.

The trees are planted by our partner farmers

Our real farmers will plant the trees you financed in the countries you selected. Evertreen makes sure the trees grow healthy by following the projects up to 10 years after the trees are planted.

Get certified as a Global Warming Fighter!

Download our official certificate confirming the trees you planted and the CO2 you offset. Evertreen certificates are perfect gifts for your friends!

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What users say

Our wonderful community of online-planters is composed of satisfied nature lovers all around the world:


Business Owner

"Thank you Evertreen! After integrating tree planting into our sales system, our e-commerce skyrocketed! Our clients are enthusiastic about the concept and simply buy more! We help the nature and we sell more: I couldn't ask for more"



Independent Artist

"Evertreen is truly helping the planet and is giving people a tool to do so comfortably from home! I am planting trees to compensate the CO2 emissions my grafitti produce"




"Thanks to Evertreen I managed to offset the CO2 emissions produced by my family! Planting trees as birthday and Christmas gifts is our new family tradition. My kids love Evertreen certificates and proudly hang them on the walls around the house.”

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